Eventually you found the tour that you were looking for. With or without a guide.
This is the easy and efficient way to visit Olympia from Athens.

In the video Prof. Hale speaks about the sanctuary and the history of Olympia, a place that is still in our lives.

Olympia cannot be visited as a day trip organized on a tour bus. It is outside the mileage and working hours of a bus driver and the only way to
visit it in a day trip is by hiring a self-driven car or a taxi, or by taking our private day trip, preferably with the extra expense of a local guide.
There are a lot of amusing myths and interesting stories about ancient Olympia and the Olympic Games that the tour guide will talk about.

      Suggested   I T I N E R A R Y:
- Starting from your hotel at 06.45am, we stop at Corinth canal for a short photo-stop, and arrive at Olympia at 10.45am.
- Meet the tour guide (recommended) and spend 3 hours with her, visiting the archaeological museum, and the ancient site.
  (The suggested guided tour is longer than any other guided tour, but it's the size and the history of Olympia that makes it so long).
- When you finish with the sightseeing, relax having lunch in the peaceful setting of the modern Olympia town, and
- At +/- 16.00 start the return trip and arrive in Athens before 20.00. An enjoyable and memorable full day tour.

The professional tour guide will tell you about:

* The four Pan-Hellenic Games, (the Games at Olympia were one of them. The others were, the Isthmian, the Delphian or Pythian and the Nemean Games).
* Ancient Olympia was not a city as such. It was only the sanctuary, the stadium, the sports facilities, the VIP hostel, and the administration buildings,
* The city that was responsible for the organization of the ancient Olympic Games that took place at Olympia was ILIS, +/- 30kms from Olympia,
* The huge temple of Zeus, that housed one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the statue of the god, made by the sculptor Pheidias.
* The structures in the "sacred" sanctuary were made and dedicated to the gods, except the Philippeion and the villa of emperor Nero.
* The Zannes, being the statues of the cheaters. (Emperor Nero was the biggest cheater of the ancient Olympic Games).
* The amazing organization of the ancient Olympic Games, similar and even better than today's organization.
* The females had their own Games. They called them Heraia Games, and were organized in favour of goddess Hera, Zeus' wife and sister.
* Learn the story of Kallipateira, the mother that disguised herself as a man in order to watch her son competing and winning in the Games.
* The story of Kyniska, the tomboy and cheeky Spartan princess, a chariot owner, that became the first female Olympic winner.
* The lighting of the Olympic flame and the torch relay celebrated every year nowadays (summer, winter, youth Olympics, etc.).
* Following the Baron's last wish, his heart was buried at Olympia. It is at the base of the monument in the I.O.A. grounds.
* The emblems (the five Olympic rings) of the modern Olympic Games, revived by Baron Pierre De Coubertin.

The ancient Olympic Games started about 3000 years ago, when Hippodameia, daughter of the local King, Oinonaos, married Pelops, who decided to name the whole peninsula after his name and called it Peloponessus (= Pelop's island). However only in 776 BC the first Olympic Games' win was recorded, and that year marks the first Olympiad. Since then, every four years the Olympic Games were held attracting athletes of Greek origin from all the Greek city states. At Olympia, the victors' prize was an olive branch wreath. A month before the opening ceremony, until a month after the closing day of the games, the Olympic truce was in effect and all hostilities were suspended, for the spectators to visit Olympia and return safely from Olympia to their city states.

        Ancient Olympia is one of the 5 UNESCO Greek ancient sites and must be included in everybody's itinerary.

8 persons

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The above prices are per person and include transportation expenses, road tolls, and taxes.
The trip is costly and this is the reason that there is no price for 2 passengers. Persuade friends, or, other people to join you and share the cost of this interesting day trip.

A local professional tour guide can be arranged and the extra cost of 120.00 euro will be shared between the passengers.
The entrance tickets to the museums and the archaeological site, and the lunch mentioned, are not included in the prices.

If you are a team, COMBINE Olympia with a night stay in Nafplion. Mycenae and Epidaurus,
or, in a 2 day/1 night tour to
Polylimnio, Navarino, and ancient Messene, which is unknown to foreign visitors, but generally accepted as the most beautiful archaeological site in Greece.


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