One day tour to ancient Olympia, from Athens.

Olympia is one of the 5 UNESCO ancient sites that must be included in everybody's itinerary.

You found the easy and efficient way to
visit and explore ancient Olympia
with a professional tour guide.

- Depart from Athens 06.45 am. After a short stop at the Corinth canal, we arrive at Olympia about 10.30 am.
- Spend 3.30 hours visiting the archaeological museum, the museum of the ancient Games, and the ancient site.
  On Saturdays and Sundays, the museum of the ancient Olympic Games, is closed.
- When you finish with the sightseeing, relax having lunch in the peaceful modern Olympia town, and
- Start the return trip at about 16.00 to arrive in Athens before 20.00. A fascinating daytour!!!
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Learn the history of:
* The "sacred" Sanctuary with the temples, the administration buildings, the sports' complex, and the stadium of Olympia.
* The huge temple of Zeus, that housed one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the statue of the god.
* The four Pan-Hellenic Games, (the Games at Olympia was just one of them).
* The amazing organization of the ancient Olympic Games, equal to today's organization.
* The Heraia Games, being the Olympic Games for the females, in favour of goddess Hera.
* The statues paid from the penalties imposed to the cheaters. (Emperor Nero was the biggest cheater).
* The lighting of the Olympic flame and the torch relay celebrated almost every year nowadays.
* The emblems (the five Olympic rings) of the modern Olympic Games, revived by Pierre De Coubertin.
* Following the Baron's last wish, his heart was buried at Olympia. It is at the base of the monument in the I.O.A. grounds.

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Combine your visit to ancient Olympia with an overnight stay in Nafplio
The above prices are per person and include transportation expenses, road tolls, and taxes.
A local tour guide can be arranged, the cost shared between the passengers.


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